LD free: Grin

grin ring modulator Grin is a very nice sounding ring modulator with some special capabilities.

CONTROLS (left to right, top to bottom)

WAVE – 7 waveform types of the carrier wave: cosine, triangle, square, sawUp, sawDown, random (ramped), random (hard jumps).

VOL – Volume of carrier wave, 0 is full (= original).

Filter bank has 3 options, OFF, LP (low pass) and HP (high pass). If set to LP or HP, then only the filtered signal will be ring modulated, which allows for instance for fat ring modulated basses without affecting cymbals in the same drum track.

TREM – applies actually a vibrato to the ring mod carrier signal.

DEPTH – depth of tremolo, full 3 depths means 3 +/- octaves

CUT – cutoff frequency for the filter bank

Number box – input rind mod carrier frequency here either by clicking and typing a number, then hit enter. Or you just scroll the value with the mouse.

SELF – switches ring modulation for the filtered original to be modulated with itself.

~ (WAVE 2) – same wave forms as WAVE for the tremolo effect